Packaging Stories: One of Those

I like the concept: perfumes based on 8 elements from the Periodic Table – hydrogen, helium, lithium, carbon, oxygen, sulphur, mercury and curium. And then comes the original packaging, which is a tangible example of the “Less is more” rule.


The bottle is nested in a hermetic polystyrene shell that you have to break off on first use. The conventional approach with an inner shock absorbing layer and outer ‘proper’ packaging is turned on its head. With One of Those you get none of that.


Let’s see. On the plus side is the concept, the packaging and the neutral brand identity. A downer, there are no travel sizes or sample sets available as offered by other brands such as Commodity and Byredo (who are minimalist packaging experts themselves).


Photos via One of Those

So find your element ([6C] and [8O] in my case) and enjoy it!

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