Lumira and Wanderlust Rush

Whenever I read Cereal’s stories I get a rush of wanderlust.

Beautifully written and packed to the brim with pastel shots of exotic places, the stories make me wonder what it would be like to experience these sights firsthand. Would I have eyes for the mango trees that ‘tangle with flowering shrubs in intimate embrace’ or lose my head completely in the vibrant heat?


Photo via Cereal

Lumira places the scent of sands in dark rust hues and Hindu temples at our fingertips.

Pick Sirocco, named in honor of the great North African wind, to get a feel of Tangier’s bustling souks and their mixed scent of tangerine, cumin, Moroccan cedar and sandalwood.

Or settle on Darsana’s unique blend of amber, frankincense and jasmine, to step into the Hindu temples of India.


Light a match to get that fleeting note of the unfamiliar, to take off on an imaginary journey of thousands and thousands of miles…


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